It isn't White Boy Day, is it? (sothisiswar) wrote in movie_goons,
It isn't White Boy Day, is it?

Garden State

Garden State was beautifully depressing. I found it kind of pointless. The trailer was so wonderfully put together that it built it up too much. The movie suffers from a really cliche ending, and overall, is nothing too different than anything i've ever seen before. The soundtrack is drenched with indie rock, which worked really well for certain scenes and really terribly for others. really terribly.

I hope the same thing doesn't happen with I heart Huckabees. Which I got to view the trailer for on the big screen, and it was cool. I also saw a trailer for a new Paul Giametti movie, that was directed by the guy who did Election, and which also has the dude from Wings in it. That looks kind of neat. And John Waters has a new movie about sex that has johnny knoxville in it. his name is ray ray. spoon out my eyeballs with a...spoon.
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