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This is an e-mail from James Skemp, who runs the top Pulp Fiction timeline webpage.

Hi Allison,

First, thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to email me -
greatly appreciated.

Secondly, your explanation works, but I'd hate to think that Tarantino
would put that there solely for that reason... I wonder if it perhaps
has anything to do with how that whole scene turned out. The fight of

one against one turns into a fight involving a third party, which turns
into the former 'friends' (business partners I suppose is more correct)
against this new party, which turns into another business venture. He
certainly could have left but he, perhaps through 'grace', decided to
stop what was occuring...

Something I may not have mentioned in my article, but that I think
plays an important role...

Thanks for your comments - I'll update the timeline appropriately and
thank you as well ("Thanks to Allison for pointing out...").

Thanks again :)


On Tue, 20 Jul 2004 13:58:53 -0400, "Allison House" <>
> Hi,
> I found your timeline through a google search and saw you'd asked the
> question "what is the significance of the word 'grace' on the side of the
> chopper (Zed's bike)?" Thought you might want to know Tarantino's
> girlfriend was named Grace, may explain it's being there.
> Allison

Despite this community being desperately inactive, any thoughts?
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